Beetle Goes To Amsterdam, Netherlands

Road-trip to Iceland, day eight second part.


After driving from Luxembourg and through Belgium in nasty weather we booked our selfs into a hotel in Amsterdam, XO Hotel Pack West. The hotel was nice, 4 star, and with a fantastic private secure parking for the beetle. We went straight out for a walk. There was almost an hour walk down town and on the way we saw boat houses along one of the canals. It was quite interesting to see.

Beetle Goes To Belgium

Road-trip to Iceland, day eight first part.


After leaving Luxembourg we headed towards Belgium. The weather continued to be misty and rainy so we decided to skip the planned stop in Brussels. Also, the week before we spent almost a week in Belgium where we walked around Brussels and Antwerp. We just stopped in a small town named Spa for a short break and then head to Netherlands. Until next time 😄

Beetle Goes To Luxembourg

Road-trip to Iceland, day seven.


After a good weekend in nuremberg we headed to Luxembourg with a new window. We decided to stay in the country side rather than in the city. We booked a night at a chateau in the north part of the country. When we arrived we were asked if we want to participate in the Gala dinner. We kind of laughed inside us since all of our better clothes had been robbed.