Beetle Goes To Switzerland

Road-trip to Iceland, day three.


The third day of the road trip went into just driving as far as we could towards Nuremberg where my brother lives and where the new window was going to be delivered. We decided to go through Switzerland since that was the original plan but skip a CERN tour and Lichtenstein. The window issue had put us back one and a half day so we did not stop for pictures anywhere in Switzerland we just drove through with a small detour through Geneva city.


On the drive that day it was fairly cold and especially inside the beetle so a hot cup of tea was necessary.

Cold in the beetle

The only places we dared to stop for stretching our legs or to find food was in gas stations on the highway and once we stopped at McDonalds where we could park the car right outside the window.


We ended up driving all the way to Stuttgard, Germany, and stayed in an airport hotel for the night. This was a NH hotel and I have to say that it was a perfect bed and perfect bedding which was good after all the driving.

This day we drove around 700 km for 12 hours.

Until next time.