Beetle Goes To Valence, France

Road-trip to Iceland, day two.


This will be a short post since very few pictures were taken this day due to lack of motivation. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, on the morning of our second day of the road trip, someone broke into our car by breaking a rear left window. We spent most of the day on the phone with our insurance company and Carglass. First action was to get a temporary window. Carglass put a plexy glass in and it took the only 5 minutes.


The next thing was to get a real window in the car because we are not able to be on the road for long with only a peace of plastic for a window. Anyone could get into the car without any force and even steal the car it self. After many phone calls and emails Carglass’s final decision was that they need 2 to 3 weeks to get a window for us. We know of some online stores that sell spear parts for VW and found 2 stores with the window we needed and it could be shipped within a day or two. We told Carglass about it but they will only insert glass from their own suppliers. So one again we called the insurance company telling them that Carglass will not be able to deliver but we can order the window and get it in one day. They agreed to participate in that cost so we went ahead and ordered the window and had it shipped to my brother which lives in Germany.

For a while it looked like we had to go back to Barcelona because of the insurances but it turned out that they will not participate in any cost of this robbery, only the window. After we got that cleared we decided that it would be best to continue. It was getting late so we only managed to go to Valence that day. We booked our selves in to a hotel that has a secure parking, Hotel du France. The hotel was really nice with comfortable bed. After all of what went on that day we decided to stay in our hotel room for the night and head out of France in the morning. We had some noodle soup and went to bed.

In the morning when we were checking out they offered us coffee and croissant to go for free. It was really nice to go inside the cold car with warm coffee and new croissants.

Until next time