Beetle Goes To Nuremberg, Germany

Road-trip to Iceland, day four to six.


In the evening of day three we went over the German border from Switzerland and headed to Stuttgard. On our way we booked a room at Hotel NH Stuttgard Airport since it had such a good review and did not cost us that much. The hotel was excellent except for the parking. We called ahead to make sure that they have secure parking available but when we came it was only secure in the sense that there was a payment gate so anyone could walk into the parking lot and start breaking windows.

Beetle Goes To Switzerland

Road-trip to Iceland, day three.


The third day of the road trip went into just driving as far as we could towards Nuremberg where my brother lives and where the new window was going to be delivered. We decided to go through Switzerland since that was the original plan but skip a CERN tour and Lichtenstein. The window issue had put us back one and a half day so we did not stop for pictures anywhere in Switzerland we just drove through with a small detour through Geneva city.

Beetle Goes To Valence, France

Road-trip to Iceland, day two.


This will be a short post since very few pictures were taken this day due to lack of motivation. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, on the morning of our second day of the road trip, someone broke into our car by breaking a rear left window. We spent most of the day on the phone with our insurance company and Carglass. First action was to get a temporary window.